Exclusive Handmade Kohakuto For Your Royal Occasion

What is Kohakuto?

We took traditional kohakuto made from agar and sugar and turned it into a visually stunning Japanese luxury treat. Each piece is hand-carved with intricate detail and colorful highlights to resemble mineral stones and gems. The crunchy, bright exterior gives way to a delicious center of sweet flavour.

We source high-quality ingredients to create tastes and colors that are all-natural and unique to each gem. Made with a variety of dried fruits, herbs, spices, flowers, and teas, each gem is a distinct combination of taste. You are left with an experience of royal aesthetic and mouth-watering flavour for your tasting pleasure.

Our Gems

Our treats offer an experience that goes far beyond taste and flavour.

We love to share our hand-crafted gems with our customers to find the perfect sweet treat for your needs. Personalize your assortment, or choose from our gift boxes and enjoy a variety of flavours and gems that will delight your soul.

Our Flavours

"Better than crystals, its edible"

We’ve developed a variety of hand-crafted gems taking different shapes and flavours inspired by nature. We are passionate about continuing to expand and discover new culinary creations of flavours and textures for you to enjoy.



Introducing our limited edition Bloody Mary and Pumpkin flavor! This unique flavour has a one-of-a-kind taste experience.
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Origin of Kohakuto

The origins of kohakuto began in the Edo period roughly 200 years ago, when it was originally served as an accompaniment with tea. The name itself literally translates to amber and sugar, and was chosen because it was occasionally colored amber due to gardenias. Japanese culture often expresses the beauty of each season through Japanese sweets and gives thanks for their rich blessings.

This vegan-friendly gluten-free treat, is created through the boiling and cooling of agar, or as the Japanese call it, kanten. By drying and crystallizing the outside, the outside remains crisp and hard, while the inside stays soft. Our team uses the traditional recipe and intention behind kohakuto to create an offering that is both intriguing and satisfying.

We design each hand-carved piece with intricate detail and colorful highlights to resemble mineral stones and gems. The crunchy, bright exterior of each treat gives way to a delicious flavourful center. Made with various dried fruits and herbs, each candy is a unique experience of delicious pleasure.

This combination of intention with heavenly taste and royal aesthetic is what creates each unique piece for your enjoyment.

Our Story

The story behind Kohaku combines 3 separate yet equally passionate visionaries. What started as exceptionally crafted sweets, grew to spread joy and pleasure to every person who tastes these gourmet treats.

The craft itself began with Daijiro’s experience and passion in the kitchen passed down from his Grandmother. Her expertise in Japanese cuisine began in an open-style kitchen in the heart of Osaka, Japan. This craft was then passed to Daijiro’s mother, who eventually trained and passed it on to Daijiro himself.

Daijiro’s carved an eclectic path early on, traveling the world with the Native American activist, teacher, and author, Dennis Banks. These travels left him interested in heritage and culture. After 18 years of successfully managing his family restaurant, Daijiro planted his roots in Bali, Indonesia.

Through the magic of Bali, he met his future business partners, Heru and François. Bonded through their children, they shared a passion for food and design that began the concept for Kohaku. With their combined business experience, their vision took off. To create sweet, hand-crafted delectables that resemble jewels and gems but taste like a slice of heaven.

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The moment you enter our store, we invite you to leave behind your hustle and soak in the zen atmosphere of our gem creations. As you discover the hidden art behind kohakuto, immerse yourself in this experience of heightened colour, shape, design and flavour.

We love sharing our passion and artistry by helping you sample and select an assortment of our crystal gems. Our store can be found in Berawa, and we encourage our customers to come and indulge in the experience of our jewel-like crystals. We’ll walk you through the process that goes into Kohakuto and help you choose the perfect box or assortment for your needs.

We believe joy is meant to be shared, and we aim to leave you with a smile on your face, and the perfect assortment of crystal gems.

For an intimate experience and as we have limited space, we recommend to make a booking in advance to enjoy our tasting sets.
Our entire shop is also available for private booking for groups, to simply enjoy our tea ceremony and sample our creations or celebrate a birthday or any other special events. Contact us for any special request !

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A single bite can create a peace that ripples out to make the world a better place.

Buried in the vision and power behind Kohaku, lies a hidden message of hope and joy found in the wisdom of the Praying Mantis. This mantis prays for world peace and symbolizes Daijiro’s personal cooking philosophy. The mantis silhouette stands to remind us to always listen to our inner voice over chaos. When we embrace the peace and stillness found in a single bite, chaos and despair disperse.

This one small bite can be a piece of peace for making the world better

Within the Kohaku logo lies a hidden message of the Praying Mantis inside the O. The mantis is praying for peace in the world, symbolizing Daijiro’s cooking philosophy. The mantis silhouette is there to remind us to always listen to our inner voice when chaos takes over, embracing peace and stillness over chaos and despair.


The shape of this kohakuto is inspired by garnet quartz cluster. The acid flavour of the blackcurrant and the sugar give a balanced sweet and fruity flavour.

Mango and yuzu

Inspired by a citrine crystal quartz cluster. A mix of elegant citrusy floral aroma and reassuring fruity manggo flavour


This kohakuto is inspired by rose quartz gemstones and made with indonesian fruits including organic lemon. A delicate yet complex fruity flavour.

Butterfly pea and volcanic sea salt

Inspired by aquamarine gem, this kohakuto is made of butterfly pea and volcanic sea salt from Indonesia, providing a slightly salty tone when biting on the salt crystals.


A balanced mix of matcha and yoghurt flavours, the kohakuto resembles a light green marble. When the vegetal notes of umami meet the creaminess of yoghurt, it melts in the mouth and creates a combustion of distinct flavours.

Pistachio and apricot​

This crunchy kohakuto with a rich flavour is inspired from amber crystal. The organic honey is from Kalimantan, Indonesia. A perfect flavour match.


Apple and cinnamon

With a colour similar to a brown tourmaline or Topaz crystal, this kohakuto shape is inspired from the famous balinese candi bentar or split gateway. A classic combinasion blend tasting like an apple pie. So delicious.

Organic lemon, lychee and cardamon

This kohakuto has a delicate lychee flavour, refreshed by the lemon and boosted by the cardamon spice. Inspired by a smoky quartz crystal with a unique fresh and spicy taste.

Bali Espresso​

A modern cube aggregate made with Indonesian coffee and combined with yogurt for a coffee late experience. Special in-house blend by the Chef with Flores and Bali coffees.

Herb and kimkit orange

These remarkable round kohakuto, looking like frosted glass, have both very specific flavors. The dill is fresh and delivers a strong herbal aroma and the kimkit orange is confit, keeping all the great taste and mellowing the tang.


Black sesame and activated charcoal 

Inspired by the black tourmaline crystal, this kohakuto is made from black sesame and natural activated charcoal to give this very black colour. A rich nutty flavour, slightly bitter and well balanced by the sweet taste.

Mandarin Orange

Indulge in the zesty citrus notes of the tantalizing Mandarin Orange flavor that dance on your taste buds, creating a burst of familiar yet refreshing sweetness. Shaped as the crescent moon accompanied by small white or bluish pieces that represent the stars.

Bloody Marry

A unique Kohakuto inspired by the famous cocktail. The intense sweet-tart flavour and crunchy texture of the dried tomato is carried by the clear tomato water mixed with vodka and kicked by the home-made tabasco sprinkle


Inspired by the famous “tiger eye” gemstone, this kohakuto has a mild sweet and nutty flavour, balanced by the slight note of bitterness and astringency of the indonesian clove

Osmanthus Flower

Brewed with authentic, exquisite flowers of Osmanthus, it boasts a slightly sweet, honey flavour with fruity notes and embellished with a luxurious gold leaf.

Annin Tofu

Inspired by the traditional delicacy of the Lunar New Year, this kohakuto is light with a subtly sweet and creamy taste from the almond milk and detailed with goji berry, reminiscent of a cranberry. Contrary to its name, it does not contain tofu.